Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!

Want to shop early & find the best deals first?

We'd love for you to get involved with JBF Lee's Summit.  By doing so, you'll be invited to shop before we open to the public to find the best deals first! 

What does that even mean?  Here's an example.  Often times we'll get multiples of a popular toy or equipment.  Because consignors set their own prices, one might be priced at $4 and there might be the same toy for $6, $8 and $10.  All are great deals compared to retail, but I bet the early shopper is going to grab up the $4 one!  So the earlier you shop, the more money you save! 

Volunteers shop first (in order of how many hours they help out), then Consignors, then Community Presales.  There's several different ways to shop early, so read on for the details!

Community Presales

Prime Time Shopping:  Thursday, Feb 21st, 10am-7pm
$10 admission (18 & over).  Don't want to Consign or Volunteer but still want first dibs with fewer crowds?  This presale is for you!! Click here for tickets!

First Time Parents or Grandparents:  Thursday, Feb 21st, Noon-7pm
Those pregnant or adopting your first child OR is that first child under one year of age.  Click here for tickets!

Teachers & Foster Parents:  Thursday, Feb 21st, Noon-7pm
THANK YOU for taking care of our communities children!  Click here for tickets!

Military Spouses, Moms of Multiples & Special Needs Families: 
Thursday, Feb 21st, 3pm-7pm

We realize you face unique challenges in raising your children!  We hope to help you save money and make your life just a little easier.  Click here for tickets!


We LOVE our Volunteers!

Please consider volunteering!  I know for many it's stepping outside your comfort zone but you really should try it.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!  It'll be rewarding for both you and the event!  You'll earn 70% on your sold items (or 80% if you choose two All-Star shifts!) AND get to shop early too.  The more you volunteer, the earlier you shop.

You can be a first time mom or grandma or even just a mom who is not consigning but just wants to shop on Wednesday too!  You'll have fun and get to shop super early, a great time if you're looking for furniture or baby equipment!

You'll do jobs such as inspecting items that come in, customer service, hold area, organizing, sorting, greeting at the front and exit doors, the list goes on and on!  If you need a sit down job, please e-mail us so we get you down on a day and time that we can best facilitate that.  Some shifts are physical and always on the go, others days we need people who are good at sitting in place!

It's easy to see what days and times we need help.  Just log in to My Profile and check the "volunteer" box.  You can then see and select the shifts that work for you!  Sorry, no children are allowed during your volunteer time.

Volunteer Presales:  Wednesday, Feb 20th.
Volunteer only with pass, no adult guests.
JBF All-Stars + 16 Hour Volunteers:  3pm
12 Hour Volunteers:   3:30pm
8 Hour Volunteers:  4pm
4 Hour Volunteers: 5pm

Volunteers (plus family!) also get to shop the 50% off presale early, at 9am on Sunday, Feb 24th.  Passes for both presales will be given
during Consignor drop off.  Not consigning?  Just come about 10 minutes before your presale time to pick up your passes.

Consignors (plus family!) are invited to shop the 50% off presale at 9:30am Sunday Feb 24th.  Passes for these presales will be given at drop off.


Be part of our Crew!

Recognize some of these crazy people?  If you've spent any time at JBF Lee's Summit, you probably do.  These wonderful people donate 25 hours of their time during the sale to helping run it. 

Why on earth would they do that?  Is it for the lifelong friendships?  The camaraderie? The free t-shirt?  The shopping?  The 80% they earn on their sold items? 

It's probably all of the above!  But if I had to guess, their first response would probably be THE SHOPPING!  JBF Crew get to shop first at the sale.  Before other volunteers, consignors and the public.

Many have been with us YEARS (a few even date back to 2006!).  We LOVE to welcome new faces to our group of friends.

To qualify, just choose 5 of the 5-hour Crew Shifts on the online scheduler then e-mail me your t-shirt size so I know what to order for you.  Come with a great attitude and ready to have fun.  This is a dynamic group and we'd LOVE to add you to our crew! 



Amber Post

Frank Post

Jenn Warren

We've just completed our 12th year in Lee's Summit!  We LOVE this town and our participants, and call the sale the hardest working vacation ever.  Because we get to leave taking care of the kids to others and take care of our consignors and shoppers instead!  We love what we do and have tons of volunteers and consignors who love hanging out with us too.

Jenn Warren has helped me with this sale for over 10 years.  She used to be a KC girl but her husbands job moved them to Iowa but soon she's heading back to Missouri!  She can answer just about any quesiton you have and loves to talk JBF.  So give either of us a shout if you have questions!